Greg Poirier of CloudKettle – AI That Works, The Marketing Team Data Warehouse, and Betting on Google Data Studio

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Sales and Marketing Automation Tools mentioned in this episode of Stack and Flow that you can review at G2 Crowd: Salesforce, Marketo, LeanData, Clearbit, Eloqua, Hubspot, Big Query, RedShift, 5Tran, Google Analytics 360, Periscope, Tableau

In this episode Greg talks about:

  • Using analytics to optimize your site for specific verticals and prospects
  • Why Clearbit is leading the way in data enrichment
  • The benefits of dealing with dozens of stacks

14:55 Qualaroo helps companies build, manage and analyze feedback campaigns and they’ve been doing it for over 5 years. They reviewed over 120 million responses in their database and pulled out the questions that have received over ten thousand response and at least a 20% response rate. They even separated the questions for marketers and for product owners. Get the guide now at

John rants at the hipocracy of AI as child

Greg nails it with AI as Co-Op Student

Why is Marketo dominating the SMB SaaS Market?

Rise of the Marketing Team Data Warehouse

Betting on Google Data Studio

Clearbit – the most exciting development in 2018

Is 3rd Party Tool performance being suppressed?

The benefit of seeing the market through the stacks of multiple clients

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John Wall

John Wall

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