Raviv Turner of CaliberMind – Solving Attribution, ABM Failure, and Creating Data Heroes

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In this episode Raviv talks about:

  • Why ABM is doomed to fail just like predictive
  • Getting scoring right by fixing the data problem
  • The ultimate goal of orchestration

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Sean talks about some of the recent acquisitions – Brightfunnel buys Terminus, 6Sense buys ZenIQ

Lifecycle of the ABM Landscape

J.J. Kardwell of Everstring interview – training the model is the special sauce

Analytics layer, advertising layer and the middleware

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Getting Analytics and Predictive right

More solutions means more friction and silos – 20 points on the marketing funnel, plus sales stack, plus customer success stack…

Solving attribution – talking with Chris Mann about Brightfunnel

Making AI invisible, human in the loop, and signal intelligence

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