Sam Usem of 3M – Digging Into The Data, Managing Massive Installs, and Staying Agile

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In this episode Sam discusses:

  • Getting marketing teams to understand the results from their tools
  • The unique challenges of being the largest install for a SaaS vendor
  • Using governance to hold the ship together while remaining agile

10:00 Qualaroo helps companies build, manage and analyze feedback campaigns and they’ve been doing it for over 5 years. They reviewed over 120 million responses in their database and pulled out the questions that have received over ten thousand response and at least a 20% response rate. They even separated the questions for marketers and for product owners. Get the guide now at

Article: 6 Ways AI will Impact the Future Workplace

Dashboards and teaching people how to dig into their data

The challenges of a global organization – building data dictionaries for over 100 systems, running out of fields, internationalization

17:19 Get the right software & services for your business when you’re adding to your stack. G2 Crowd has over 400,000 validated user reviews to help you make smarter decisions. Visit G2 Crowd

Creating an Agile Marketing Lab

Interview: Scott Brinker, Interview: Roland Smart of Oracle

How do you deal with data privacy and data quality?

Looking at persona focused visualization – the tools are not there yet.

On the reading list – Thank You For Being Late, Turn the Ship Around, Simon Sinek – Leaders Eat Last

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John Wall

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