Scott Brinker of Martec and Hubspot – Martech in China, Customer Ops, and Citizen Technology

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In this episode Scott talks about:

  • Martech in China
  • The Martech 5000
  • Marketing Governance

11:13 Qualaroo helps companies build, manage and analyze feedback campaigns and they’ve been doing it for over 5 years. They reviewed over 120 million responses in their database and pulled out the questions that have received over ten thousand response and at least a 20% response rate. They even separated the questions for marketers and for product owners. Get the guide now at

The Chinese Martech 5000

The Martech 5000 comes together with help from Anand Thaker

Customer Ops and the Go To Market Stack

Marketing governance comes of age

AI and Machine Learning to segment customers and create personalization

Citizen Technology

Nancy Nardin – master of the sales space

Learn more about John and Sean.

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John Wall

John Wall

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